Final Assignment

My Final assignment is a behind the scene video of a short film called moving on created by me. Moving on is an experimental short film which got quite a good response from the audience and it exceeded my expectations. We had a lot of fun during the shoot of moving on hence I decided to cut a video consisting of behind the scenes and some bloopers. I like to create and edit videos thats why i am choosing this as my final project.

My taste and creativity

I am into short films. I love watching them and recently I started making them. I like videos that has a story to tell or a message to send out. I like fictional stuff and I try to visualize a lot of stories that most of the time stays in my head! The challenge is make those stories into a video. The thing is I am not a writer so i can’t transform those stories into books or blogs. Video is my way of telling those stories. i did create some videos and two of them will be posted on this site.

First Week Reflections

First week at CT101 was quite good. I am really excited about this class. I am looking forward to learning digital storytelling, video and audio stuff. Creating one’s own blog and customizing it. My only concern is if I will be able to meet deadlines for the assignments but apart from that so far so good!